Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Do you wish to generate sustainable energy from your waste? This is perfectly possible. Moreover, this can result in great savings in your processing costs. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can help you to assess this and bring you into contact with the best processors.

We can perform the necessary studies for elaborating alternative solutions such as:

  • Fermentation into sustainable energy
  • Composting
  • Incineration with energy recovery
  • Water purification
  • Immediate reuse: soil, nutrient, fertiliser, …

Sustainable EnergyAlso check out our services in environmental consulting, sample taking en waste management!

Fermentation Installation

Would you like to generate sustainable energy with a fermentation installation? This can be achieved by anaerobic digestion of organic waste, fertilisers or energy crops such as corn. This produces sustainable energy by generating organic gas that is subsequently converted into electricity and heat. Thus, you can enjoy your sustainable energy to the fullest!

The gas production and the quality of the sustainable energy is dependent on the dosed nutrients and the health of the microbial population. On the basis of the available input streams, Miasma calculates the ideal mixing ratio and helps you to find possible missing nutritious elements. We can extract these from your own side products, but we can also put you in touch with the most suitable products and their suppliers.

Follow up

By performing periodic analyses, we can detect possible intoxication or imminent acidification of your fermentation installation, enabling us to intervene in time. We also examine how the mixture of nutrients relates in function to price and costs. For this purpose, we have developed a calculation programme that takes possible income from sustainable energy and parameters into account, such as:

  • inert ash residue (sludge)
  • digestate marketing costs
  • depreciation
  • maintenance
  • exploitation costs

The resulting figure indicates the maximum price at the gate (maximum to be paid or minimum result).

Microbiologic Consultancy

Microbiologic Consultancy

Do you require microbiologic advice or do you have questions about microbiologic analyses? Find out what Miasma can do for you!

Organic gas installation

If you wish to start with an organic gas installation, then Miasma can help you with the start-up and provide guidance. Through anaerobic bacteria, organic waste is converted into sustainable energy, such as electricity and heat. We carry out feasibility studies and provide a first draft of the necessary items and an estimate of the cost. Afterwards, we can put you in contact with the builders of the different types of installations.

Water purification installation

You can also call on Miasma for water purification installations or for providing technical expertise for such installations. What do you have to keep in mind with a water purification installation? It is imperative that control analyses are carried out on both the reactors and the ingoing products, because different chemical compounds can lead to the intoxication of your microbiology. In addition, regular follow-up analyses help to keep your population in optimal condition, so that you can make the most of your water purification installation.

I want microbiologic consultancy!

Then, together with you, we will put together the perfect package. In the case of malfunctions, you can also reach us almost 24/7, so that we can give you the necessary microbiologic advice and help you make timely adjustments. Would you like us to go on site? No problem. We will come as soon as possible, so that we can assess the situation together and solve the problem right away! Contact us without further obligation. vrijblijvend.

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