Sample Taking

Sample Taking

Are you looking for a trajectory analysis or sampling? Then you can rely on Miasma! We can help you with:

  • Sampling discharge points
  • Sampling of waste materials
  • Sampling digestates
  • Sampling (under water) soil

We perform the sampling in accordance with statutory methods. Moreover, choosing Miasma, means you opt for a recognised sample taker for most matrixes such as waste, water, fertilisers or sludge. We dispense the necessary expertise and equipment to guarantee independent sample taking. Immediately after the sample taking the samples are cooled and delivered to the laboratory of your choice for analysis.

Necessary Analyses

Do you have an internal problem, or are you facing a control assessment?
In cooperation with OVAM and VLM recognised laboratories, Miasma offers you the possibility of performing a company or legal analysis at low prices.

You can count on our sample takings at your site to be performed in accordance with the applicable CMA-methods. We also guarantee safeguarding of the sample quality by using established procedures and sample forms.

Own measuring equipment

Analysis of the air quality (sulphur, methane, oxygen, ammonia, etc.) for the purpose of process quality is always performed with our own portable measuring equipment.

Own sample-taking truck

Miasma uses its own sample-taking truck which is equipped in accordance with the provisions of the CMA (Centre for medical analysis) and the Vlarel (Flemish regulation on recognitions relating to the environment). Since 2012, the new Vlarema (Flemish regulations for sustainable management of material cycles and waste) and Vlarel are in force, according to which operators and manufacturers must have their products and waste sampled by a recognised and independent sample taker. Miasma can perform this for you, taking into account the necessary safety measures and PPE.

Sampling Equipment

We possess the necessary equipment for sampling within CMA/1/A.13-14-15-16-17-18-19, which enables us to sample both solid, liquid, pasty, or materials that possibly contain asbestos. Thanks to our central location in Limburg, near the E314 motorway, we can be at your location quickly!

We also take care of the further collection of the samples and the administration of the analyses. By means of refrigerated transport and direct delivery to a laboratory of your choice, the chain of quality is maintained. Do you not have a laboratory yet? Then we will provide you with one!

Application Files

Would you like to submit an application file? Miasma can help you by performing the necessary analyses, writing the file, and submitting it to the competent authorities. Or do you wish to obtain exemption for reuse of your waste as soil-improving substance, or to determine its agricultural value? Please Contact us for the required analyses and documents:

  • Resource statements for fertilisers, drain water from air scrubbers, or sludge for use on agricultural lands
  • Utility certificates for dredging sludge or dredged materials as soil or non-shaped building material
  • Technical Reports for the reuse as soil or non-shaped building material

Did you know that since early 2012, resource statements are no longer necessary for reuse as soil? Only the quality of the material must be guaranteed by an independent (recognised) agency. Miasma can draft these sampling files and quality documents for you.

You can also rely on us for the drafting of a technical report for excavated soil or soil analysis in the context of transmission or periodic obligation.

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Sample Taking

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