Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Consultancy

Do you wish to ensure compliance with all environmental legislation? Then Miasma Environmental Consultancy is the place for you. We can provide you with the necessary advice and service with regard to the application of the environmental administration. Miasma can assist you with a total package or by taking over specific sub-projects that will help ease your environmental administration.

We can also provide the necessary transportation and transport documents, and we guarantee lawful processing across the entire chain.

Environmental Coordinator

Do you wish to follow up environmental legislation annually? As Recognised Environmental Coordinator A, we follow up on your legal obligations and provide you with the necessary advice about actions to be taken, so that you can comply with all environmental legislation! Even if you have an internal environmental department, we can still help you with more specialised problems.

Do you need help with obtaining your environmental permit? We will gladly help you with the completion of the annual environmental report and waste reports.

It is thanks to the knowledge we have gathered in our many years as an environmental coordinator that we can point out opportunities or possible risks.

Asbestos Inventory

Drafting an asbestos inventory is crucial for the protection of your employees and third parties. Even though an asbestos inventory is mandatory, we regularly come across buildings that do not have one, or where an update is required. Do you wish to draft an asbestos inventory? Then Miasma will gladly visit you on your premises to submit the building to an inspection together with you.

Furthermore, we are CMA/1/A.19 certified for sample taking of asbestos in debris and granules.

During an asbestos inventory, we perform a thorough analysis in all rooms and objects to determine the possible presence of asbestos. In the event that suspected asbestos material is detected, then it will be examined by fire test or sampled for analysis in an FOD Occupational safety recognised laboratory. Count on Miasma to verify whether your buildings contain asbestos or not!


Do you require more information about a certain environmental problem, or are you considering providing your personnel with additional information? Then we can assist you with:

  • Company presentations
  • Environmental Sciences at colleges
  • Study afternoons for personnel
  • Safety of processes or used products
  • Framing specific risks and indicating possible dangers
  • Informative days or evenings about safety

Do you already work with an internal prevention department? Then we can closely work together with your internal prevention department as prevention consultants. We can also perform a risk analysis of your processes or site. Please contact us to learn about the possibilities!

Also check out our services in environmental consulting, sample taking and waste management!

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