About Miasma

About Us

Are you looking for an environmental consultancy? Then Miasma is the right place for you. Miasma is located in the heart of Limburg and it has gathered the necessary expertise to help you further along! With 20 years of experience in services in the field of organic waste and sludge processing, we are the perfect contact for your projects. We provide the required analyses and permits and consult you on the processing possibilities, recycling, generating sustainable energy through organic gas.

You can reach us at our office in Houthalen or we can pay you a personal visit to offer you the necessary advice for complying with the legal administrative obligations and finding a practical solution for your residual waste flow.

Do you have a project in Flanders or abroad? Miasma is ready to support you in word and deed to help you elaborate your project worldwide. Find out what we can do for you! Take a look at our services.

Why Miasma

Opting for Miasma means you choose a recognised sample taker. We apply cross-industry techniques and solutions that contribute to the optimisation of environmental problems and waste management of companies. You can count on us to take care of the required sampling and analyses in accordance with the environmental legislation and at market prices.

In addition, Miasma always provides the necessary quality and always within the predetermined deadline. You are choosing resolutely for a reliable partner!

Why the name Miasma?

Our name has its origins. Until mid-19th century, people thought that the poisonous breath of swamp creatures infected mankind with all kinds of diseases. ‘Mi asma’ is Ancient Greek for bad or foul air, and the Latin translation – mala aria – also connects the swamp to air and diseases. In 1850, this theory was debunked with the discovery of the real causes of these diseases. Microbiology was born. A science that we still employ today.

The swamp symbolises all industries in which Miasma operates as a company. For sampling (dredging) sludge and mud, we are the only recognised sample taker in Flanders. The rotting organic material emits swamp gasses that are similar to organic gas rich in methane, such as the one generated in organic gas installations for sustainable energy.

For the microbiological follow-up of the health of similar installations, you can also call on our experts. But it does not end there … safety, waste water, sampling, water quality and air analysis also form part of the possibilities. Therefore, Miasma performs these activities within all these industries, and thus, the choice of the name was easier than imagined.

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